Ddee Black Hair Bonnet

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This is what you were looking for!

Ddee Black Hair Bonnet is sure to bring you the best, comfortable sleeping experience with the most simple and neutral design. We all have our over the top choices but sometimes you just want to sit back and go simple.

This divinely handmade polyester satin bonnet is pretty simple but yet so tempting! It's shine, smoothness, comfortable elastic band and circumference  will also ensure that you hair is tucked away safely and securely to help prevent any hair damages.

Try thinking about the next time you want to run to the store and don't want to be bothered with doing your hair. In a second you're out the door with one of Ddee’s Black Hair Bonnets on your head! The lovely color and style is available in large, medium and small sizes.

No more talking, let's see you rocking this simple but chic hair bonnet!

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