Ddee Gold Hair Bonnet

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Why not choose the luxurious color that adds to your fancy?

Ddee Gold Hair Bonnet can take your sleepwear style beyond by adding a new level of beauty and uniqueness!

This bonnet is made with a sturdy elastic band. You should not have to go through waking up in the morning and finding that your hair bonnet is on the other side of the bed while your hair is being exposed and in danger. You deserve to sleep peaceably, knowing that you will wake up with your bonnet on securely on your head every night!

If this Gold Hair Bonnet could speak, she would probably be saying:  Hey beautiful! I am the best fit for you! I'm comfortable and handmade uniquely to fit and cater to you well. I'm also very durable. The polyester satin fabric and intricate stitching techniques used in creating me made sure of that! 

Gold is bold but it is what your heart and hair is worth!...... and More!!!

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