Ddee Teal Hair Bonnet

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I can't imagine how hard life would be is there was no beach. No tropics, no islands? How terrible would that be? The beach is just what you need and with one of Ddee’s Teal Hair Bonnet, we can take you there!

The beautiful Teal Bonnet can refresh your sleeping experience by adding a touch of caribbean or tropical flavour no matter where you are in the world! Its uniquely handmade by Erika to bring you comfortable and affordable sleep. It's shine and vibrancy will definitely brighten up your sleep!

Why can't you get your favourite colour and style in the bonnet of your choice? you deserve to sleep both feeling and looking good! With polyester satin as the fabric used in producing this piece, your hair is far from being drained from all of its moisture and oils. There's no such thing when E. M.C' s priority is to provide both stylish and healthy products.

Now tell me, wouldn't you want the beach with you at all times? Lets get you on the road to achieving that dream!

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