Vee Teal X Navy Blue Hair Bonnet

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Teal and Navy Blue is the reflection of beautiful tropical waters. The amazing colours combine to bring the experience of being at the beach right in your bedroom! 

E. M. C is bringing the combination of your dreams. Vee Teal and Navy Blue Hair Bonnet is perfect for anyone who loves everything blue! It is perfect for achieving a sense of coolness and calmness, very important elements to you beauty sleep.

In addition, this hair bonnet is made with a silky satin fabric. This fabric is strong, silky, shinny, and it will definitely add to the the beauty of your nightwear! This texture is ideal for you because you won't run into problems like getting your hair caught in the fabric in anyway. This will surely help prevent any hair damage or hair loss. 

The stretchy elastic band will ensure that the bonnet fits perfectly around your head, without causing any pain and give you the sleeping experience that you need and deserve! Lastly, it's quality will ensure a long lasting use of it and guess what? This means  you won't have to separate from your favourite hair bonnet for a long time! 


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