Vee Gold X Navy Blue Hair Bonnet

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If you are thinking "how do I get both light and dark colors but in a way that is unique and different," Thank God you landed here!

E. M. C is happy to provide what you were looking for! This combination is a taste of luxury, beauty and power and authority. Navy blue is sure to remind you of the power that your hair posses! We know that our hair has the power to transform. Let's be honest, all you need sometimes is to go to the salon and get your hair done and all of a sudden, nobody could talk to you! Gold on the other hand is sure to remind you that gurl, you hair is worth way more than Gold. With that being said that's what you want to protect it!

The quality of the polyester satin fabric used in creating this piece will ensure that your hair is being protected through all of the twisting and turning that goes on at night. In addition the sturdy elastic band will ensure that the bonnet is kept securely around your hair for the whole night! Just choose the perfect size when checking out and you'll be good to go!

This Gold and Navy Blue Hair Bonnet is perfect for you, Go ahead and rock it!


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