Vee Gold X Black Hair Bonnet

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Looking through all of the previous options you still haven't found exactly what you are looking for, then you came across Vee Gold X Black Hair Bonnet!

The combination of these two colours were done to bring you a sense of royalty in a bold and captivating way. Gold will surely remind of royalty but black is to remind you of that as well. As a young black women I have found it hard sometimes to truly believe that I am royal in any way. I found it hard to believe that God made me just as beautiful and special as those that I would admire because of their hair, facial features, body and even skin colour. With this design I hope to encourage you. It doesn't matter what race or what background you are from, think of yourself as royalty! That is who you are! Period. Every aspect of who you are  is royal and one of those being your beautiful hair!

The fabric used to make this hair bonnet is polyester satin. this fabric is just perfect for protecting your hair and the softness and shininess of it is supper attractive and beautiful as well. It is also made with a comfortable elastic band that will allow you to stretch the bonnet and fit it around very heavy hairstyles like braids extensions.

This combination is perfect for you because it goes beyond just a regular bonnet. It is reminder every night that you are ROYALTY both inside and out! 

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