Eden Hair Clips

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Eden Hair clips is a range of handmade resin hair accessories made by Erika! These are made with REAL Flowers and Crafts Flakes. Each colour is unique and they all have their distinct meanings👇🏾!

Rose- Rose is the bright red and pink hair clip and this one symbolises passion, love and happiness. These are all descriptions that will reflect the relationship that you have with your unique and lovely hair type, texture and length!🌹

Tee C - Tee C is the hair clip designed to bring your hairstyle some island vibes! 🏝 Blue will add highlights to your hair and will give it a tropical mood. This is perfect for my holiday lovers! (Who doesn’t like a good holiday😏) This one is also close to my heart because Tee C actually means Turks and Caicos Islands !! My home!! ( if I start to brag about the beaches there I’ll never stop!😍) 

Sunshine - Sunshine! I need some sunshine as we speak!😂 This lovely Hair clip will certainly uplift any hairstyle no matter how simple it is! In addition, on a cold winter day Sunshine will remind you that better days are ahead ( you know sunny days!)☀️

Kingdom Daughter- Kingdom Daughter is my favourite( I’ll just put it out there) This beauty  was created to remind you of who you are. I use this theme throughout most of my products but it is the absolute truth! You are Royalty and that includes your hair as well!👑✨ Purple and Gold is the perfect colours to symbolise royalty and so through Kingdom Daughter I want to remind you that you are a Kingdom Daughter! ( Isaiah 62:3❤️) 

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