Mel Cerise Edge Scarf

Mel Cerise Edge Scarf

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In searching for the colour of your style you came across Mel Cerise Edge Scarf!

So you're saying It will help me to slay my edges and i'm in love with the colour? 

Yes! The vibrant cerise edge scarf is about 42 inches long and 5 inches wide. It will wrap comfortably around your head and It will give you the right amount of fabric to cover your edges. You deserve to get your edges laid with the scarf that matches your classy but sassy personality!

Don't you worry about taming those fly aways any more or trying to do this in a way that will protect your edges. One of Mel’s Cerise Edge Scarfs got you covered! The silky polyester satin fabric will help prevent breakage and by the time you're done, your edges will be smooth and wavy the way you love it! 

This handmade accessory was done uniquely by Erika. It is hemed together using intricate stitching techniques, therefore rendering it secure and of good quality. You can go from basic to babyyyy real quick with one of Mel’s Cerise Edge Scarf! 

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