Ddee Green Hair Bonnet

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The colour of life!

Sometimes we tend go about doing life like it's not the most valuable thing that we have. We don't want to just exist but we want to live! Your hair don't want to just exist, it wants to live!

Ddee Green hair bonnet will protect and remind you about your vivacious hair! It's a declaration, its you saying that my hair is alive, beautiful and altogether lovely!

This bonnet is made to help you protect your hair and your beautiful hairstyles at night. The double layered satin fabric used in this design will also ensure that you hair oils and moisture are not seeping through your bonnet when you're asleep. This bonnet is perfect for all hair types and it will surely give your hair all of the coverage and security that it needs! 

Let your hair come to life with Ddee Green Hair Bonnet!

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