Vee Purple X Gold Hair Bonnet

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A Royal Combination!

Sometimes I wonder "what would this world be like if every women or girl believed that their hair were costly, expensive , royalty?" It would mean that we will find beauty in our hair no matter the type, length, texture, etcetera. We would be comfortable in our OWN hair! I love extension and was a hairstylist for years but there is something that happens when we decide that " I am beautiful with or without extension." 

I remember being depressed over the simple fact that my hair was not like the model's own on pinterest. I know it's crazy but that's the reality. With this hair bonnet as a reminder to you about your beautiful hair, maybe I can prevent you from going down the same road that I took. 

This hair bonnet is made with double layer polyester satin fabric and it is designed in a way that will help prevent hair damage at night, and it will help secure all the moisture that you put into your hair as well! 

(sorry about being emotional on this one.❤️)

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