Ddee Purple Hair Bonnet

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Purple is the colour of royalty, luxury, and power, all of which reflects you amazing hair!

The highly captivating, rich in color hair bonnet is sure to remind you of the power and richness of your hair. In addition, who doesn't love purple anyway?

Reflecting the beauty of this color is the shiny, silky fabric in which it was made with. This fabric is suitable for you if you are looking for something that protect your hair, keeping it safe from damage or breakages. The comfort of the design of this bonnet will give you the best sleep in beauty. You got it? Sleep - in - beauty. Hahaha let's move on!

The sewing techniques that Erika used for this bonnet will ensure durability and stability! Come on now, let me see you take your sleepware to another level with Ddee’s stylish Purple Satin Bonnet!  

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