Vee Teal X Black Hair Bonnet

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If you're here I assume it is because you have the desire to get a black bonnet but the teal one is also so captivating. It okay. We understand!

Vee Teal X Black hair Bonnet is filled with excitement and simplicity and that is  the perfect one for you! The idea of going all black just won't do it. You are a relaxing at the beach type and teal will just take you there, or teal just compliments you well. But.......but you can also be simple sometimes and you want something that is more neutral so your eyes are locked on black. Mmmm I know, you decided to get both!

The soft satin fabric used in creating this bonnet will allow you to have your desired colours while having the best texture experience that you deserve. That also means more comfort while sleeping or just relaxing around your house. In addition, this bonnet is designed with the perfectly sized elastic band and  will ensure that there is no problem with blood circulation. This handmade bonnet will  also provide you with health benefits for your beautiful hair. It will prevent breakage and retain moisture,  the way you want!

The wonderful quality of this product suggest how durable it is so you don't have to worry about losing your newly found treasure. 

I think we both know you got what it takes to rock this amazing hair bonnet!

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