Mel Wine Red Edge Scarf

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Red symbolize power, luxury, boldness. With this  Edge Scarf your edges will be making a statement! 

When you walk into that room all eyes gone be on you sis! People will be wonder "what in the world did she use to get her edges looking like that?" All you will have to do is give them that fine, hundred dollar smile. Okay we're done with the scenarios! But girl i'm telling you!

The Wine Red Satin Edge Scarf is about 42 inches long and 5 inches wide. It will wrap comfortably around your head and It will give you the right amount of fabric to cover your edges. Don't you worry about taming those fly aways any more or trying to do this in a way that will protect your edges. The silky polyester satin fabric used in creating this product will ensure that your edges is being protected and far from getting damage.

Fine Wine won't even be able to compare to your edges!

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